In Parliament

Mr Shorten: On relevance. I asked about the scandal at Sydney airport right now, today. What are you doing about these workers, Prime Minister?

The SPEAKER: The Leader of the Opposition will resume his seat. The Prime Minister has the call.

 Mr TURNBULL: I will ask the minister for transport to address the issue at Sydney airport.

 Mr CHESTER (GippslandMinister for Infrastructure and Transport) (14:27): I thank the Prime Minister for the opportunity to clarify the record in relation to the incidents referred to by the Leader of the Opposition. On this side of the House we take aviation safety very seriously and we are proud of Australia's enviable safety record. My office this morning has sought some assurances in relation to the reports that were in the media last night and again this morning. I am aware of concerns that were raised in relation to operations by Aerocare, which is an Australian ground handling company working for many of the major airlines at our major airports.

There are a range of mechanisms in place in relation to aviation safety systems, where anyone who is concerned about any safety issues can raise those issues with our safety investigators or the regulatory agencies. These include the ability to make confidential reports directly to the ATSB, which is the Australian aviation safety investigator. I would encourage anyone with genuine concerns in relation to those matters to raise those concerns with our airports, to use those reporting mechanisms.

Opposition members interjecting

 Mr CHESTER: I hear those opposite interjecting. It is irresponsible to make allegations without going through the process of actually making those reports known to the safety investigator, being the ATSB. It is typical of Labor to be seeking to scare the Australian travelling public rather than going through the proper processes. I emphasise again that on this side of the House we take aviation safety— (Time expired)

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