July 23, 2013

Political veteran Bronwyn Bishop attracted capacity crowds at functions in Gippsland this week where she highlighted the need for a change in Federal Government.

Ms Bishop spoke at community forums in Morwell and Bairnsdale organised by Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester.

She also attended a cocktail function at the Avon Ridge Winery, between Maffra and Stratford and visited Orbost Regional Health Service.

“I invited Bronwyn to Gippsland because of her experience after more than 25 years in Parliament and her important role as the Shadow Minister for Seniors,” Mr Chester explained.

“It was a great opportunity for older Gippslanders to express their views and they provided direct feedback to us on issues such as the cost of living, support for pensioners, the superannuation system, employment and the delivery of services in regional communities.”

In her speeches, Ms Bishop delivered a clear message: Australia needs the certainty that a stable government can provide to encourage growth in the private sector and the creation of more jobs.

“The Coalition has a philosophy to encourage individuals to achieve their full potential and to create the type of stable and dependable economy that allows individuals to live their lives and invest with confidence,” she said.

“The key is a stable economy and a stable government.

“The Liberals and Nationals are also careful to stick to what governments do best: we only do those things that private business cannot or will not; and provide for those who cannot provide for themselves.

“By contrast, it is becoming a terrible legacy of the Labor Party that they come in and spend our savings and create a great big mess that we have to fix up. People seem to think the economy is doing well and we can trust them for a short time – but that just doesn’t work out!

“Everywhere I go, people are telling me that they are worse off – and this government is not on the right track.”

Ms Bishop said under the Gillard-Rudd Labor Government Australia had built up a record $300 billion debt that was forecast to grow by a further $20 billion in the year ahead.

Mr Chester said he knew Ms Bishop would be popular in Gippsland, but admitted being pleasantly surprised to find waiting lists for both of the public forums.

“Local people seem to enjoy Bronwyn’s determined style, mixed with a wicked sense of humour and preparedness to back herself on policy issues when she was a Minister of the Howard Government,” Mr Chester said.

“After travelling from one end of Gippsland to the other, there’s no doubt Bronwyn is aware of our region’s needs and many of the key issues affecting older Gippslanders.”

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