July 1, 2013

The return of Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister has done nothing to convince me that the Labor Party is united and focused on the issues that matter in our community.

The Labor Party remains deeply divided and is completely obsessed with internal fights, rather than leading our nation. The leadership change was all about a bitter personality contest and nothing about policy.

If Julia Gillard couldn’t trust Kevin Rudd, why should we?

Under Kevin Rudd, the government changed our border protection laws and gave people smugglers the green light to resume business. The cost in terms of lives tragically lost at sea and the economic impact on the budget to build and maintain new facilities, has been enormous.

The waste of taxpayers’ money on the flawed pink batts scheme, over-priced school halls and the carbon tax, all started under Kevin Rudd.  Our huge national debt was created by Kevin Rudd’s excessive borrowing and spending.

I believe we can do better than this. We need a government that offers stability and certainty to restore confidence in our community.

Many people have spoken to me about how angry, frustrated and disappointed they are with the direction of our Federal Parliament. They want to see a mature and responsible approach to governing – not the petty point-scoring and political games.

I agree entirely. We can’t continue to be led by people who care more about their own political careers than the hopes and aspirations of the communities they serve.

We need a government that understands regional Australia and is prepared to invest in the infrastructure and services we need to prosper in the future.

It has been a great honor and privilege to represent Gippsland in Federal Parliament over the past five years and I remain committed to doing everything I can to promote the interests of our region.

My job is to serve the people of Gippsland to the best of my ability. If I’m re-elected this year, I will keep working to deliver results for Gippslanders.

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