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January 15, 2015

Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester says the release of a report today by Australia’s consumer watchdog shows the gap between city and country petrol prices is getting bigger.

Mr Chester welcomed the release of the ACCC report comparing metropolitan and regional prices, saying it provided further evidence country people were paying significantly more for petrol than their city cousins.

The ACCC has been given new powers by the Federal Government to take a “deep dive” into petrol price discrepancies in regional towns.

Mr Chester said he would be encouraging the ACCC to look at petrol prices in Gippsland.

“Through this new specific direction issued to the ACCC by the Federal Government, hopefully we can finally get to the bottom of major petrol price disparities,” Mr Chester said.

“The differences in petrol prices between city and country areas are a source of great frustration for regional motorists.

“While I understand there are a range of factors that make fuel prices in regional areas more expensive, due to lack of competition and slow rates of sales, it is still hard to justify the huge differences in prices.”

Mr Chester said the ACCC could now call on fuel suppliers to provide detailed pricing information to determine if there has been inappropriate behaviour, or a breach of consumer law.



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