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The ever growing demand and need for Angel Gowns has turned Julie Lumsden’s home into a packaging facility.

Angel Gowns for Australian Angel Babies Inc is a volunteer organisation that turns wedding dresses into garments for children under 18 months who have passed away.

The organisation supplies these gowns to families, hospitals and funeral homes all around the country.

Federal Member for Gippsland, Darren Chester is putting a call out to the local community to help find Julie and her volunteers a new home.

“Angel Gowns has over 300 volunteers and provides beautiful gowns to families when they are most in need,” Said Mr Chester.

“Having a facility where they can store, package and make the gowns would not only give Julie and other volunteers their houses back, but will provide more storage and more accessibility.”

Mr Chester said the group is looking for a warehouse or factory like facility around Bairnsdale, but cannot afford the rent.

“While the donations kept the group running, there are not enough funds to support their work and also pay for rent,” Mr Chester said.

“Postage is a huge cost, especially when posting to regional and rural parts of Australia but ultimately an essential component of providing Angel Gowns.

“Working together to provide them with a facility will ensure their important work continues and they can provide families with these beautiful garments.”

Vice President Julie Lumsden said that a proper warehouse would allow them to involve the community more.

“Currently we can’t register with Centrelink, which would allow us to help those who need to complete hours of volunteer work,” Mrs Lumsden said.

“We could help those single mums and those on work for the dole, the packaging is a lot of work.”

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