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A $10.5 million program to seal the remaining gravel sections of the Bonang Rd is nearing completion with Federal MP Darren Chester predicting significant social and economic benefits for the region.

Mr Chester secured funding from the previous Federal Government three years ago and a series of upgrades have been undertaken despite significant wet weather delays.

“The Bonang Rd offers some of the most picturesque scenery in far East Gippsland but has always been impacted by sections of gravel road,” Mr Chester said.

“In recognition of the significant safety and economic benefits to locals and visitors, I was able to lobby the previous Federal Government to provide $10.5 million to seal the missing links in the road.

“While Regional Roads Victoria has reported the delivery timeframe for the Bonang Rd upgrade has been impacted by heavy rainfall in the region, we are on track for completion in the first half of 2024.

“I drove the road on my way to Canberra for the final sitting week and the primer seal has dramatically improved the previous gravel sections. It’s a huge improvement.”

Mr Chester said the previous Federal Government had recognised the need to improve safety along Bonang Rd by sealing the road, strengthening the existing road, upgrading drainage and installing new signage. 

Upgrading the road is expected to boost safety for locals and visitors, reduce the maintenance costs, and help to build the tourism industry by encouraging more people to use this important link to the Snowy River high country.

“Bonang Rd is a popular route for motorcycle riders and these upgrades will make it safer and provide a circuit for riders from places like Canberra for weekend touring,” Mr Chester said.

“The safety upgrades will create a safer, stronger, and more durable route for all road users including emergency services responding to bushfires or storm events.

“This work will make some of our most remote communities more accessible. It will greatly enhance safety, improve access to market for various industries, and make it a more attractive touring route.”

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