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December 9, 2011

Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester has signed up for the Gippsland Youth Commitment, an initiative to provide young people from our region with the best possible education, training or employment outcomes.

Mr Chester said while it was important to have community leaders sign up for the Gippsland Youth Commitment, the real challenge was to take direct action to support young people in the community.

“The Gippsland Youth Commitment is a positive initiative because it formalises support for young people and it reminds us all that we have a role to play in helping young people achieve their full potential,” Mr Chester said.

“In addition to my work on improving Youth Allowance, I spend a lot of time visiting local schools and encouraging young people to aim high and achieve their best.

“Governments must do more to reduce the economic barriers for young people in regional areas but we have a shared community responsibility to increase the aspiration among young people and encourage them to make the most of education and training opportunities.”

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