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June 1, 2016

The Turnbull Government’s strong environmental policies are working to reduce Australia’s emissions. We are meeting and beating our emission reduction targets, improving the environment and playing our part internationally. Importantly, we are reducing Australia’s emissions without an electricity tax.
We are on track to meet and beat Australia’s 2020 emissions reduction target of five per cent below 2000 levels by 78 million tonnes.
At last year’s Paris conference, Australia committed to reduce emissions by 26 to 28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. This is a strong, ambitious and responsible target. It will see Australia’s emissions per person halve and the emissions intensity of our economy reduce by two-thirds. These are among the biggest reductions among major economies internationally.
Our Emissions Reduction Fund is successfully supporting Australian businesses, communities and landholders to reduce emissions. So far the fund has secured the largest emissions reduction commitment by business and landholders in Australia ever – 143 million tonnes.
In contrast, Labor’s only solution is to re-introduce the failed carbon tax, which will increase electricity prices and cost jobs. Australian families and businesses can’t afford it.
The Turnbull Government’s renewable energy policies will ensure 23.5 per cent of Australia’s electricity comes from renewable sources by 2020. This will see a doubling of large scale renewable projects. The government has established a $1 billion Clean Energy Innovation Fund to support emerging clean energy technologies and is delivering a $350 million solar strategy.
The Coalition is working with business and the community to support the transition to a low emissions economy. Our environmental policies deliver both economic growth and jobs whilst reducing our emissions.
In addition, we recognise the importance of hands-on environmental work.  By providing funding for Landcare programs and the Green Army Project the government is ensuring that practical and grass roots environmental work can be undertaken.

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