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August 18, 2015

The Australian Government will invest $1 million in a nationwide “dob in a dealer” campaign as part of its strategy to combat the spread of the drug ‘ice’.

Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester welcomed the announcement by the Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Justice Minister Michael Keenan. Mr Chester said it would complement other community-led initiatives targeting crystal methamphetamine use.

“Targeting suppliers of the drug ‘ice’ is an important component of the overall strategy to stop people using this insidious drug,” Mr Chester said.

“The dealers who push this drug into our communities must be held to account and our law enforcement agencies are doing outstanding work in this field.

“Equally, prevention and rehabilitation will also play an important part in the overall strategy.

“Ultimately, ice use is a community problem. We all share responsibility and I’ve been heartened by the level of community support and energy in Gippsland to finding long-lasting solutions.”

The national campaign will be modelled on the Crime Stoppers Victoria “dob in a dealer” initiative.

The Coalition Government has intensified its focus on ice use, through its National Ice Taskforce.

Last week, the government allocated an extra $18 million to bolster the capabilities of the Australian Crime Commission funded from proceeds of crime.

New laws have also been passed to crack-down on drug couriers who bring ingredients or materials into Australia to make ice.

Extra emphasis has also been placed on targeting suspected criminals with unexplained wealth.

“The Coalition recognises that more focus needs to be put on following the money trail and I strongly endorse its moves to increase the level of scrutiny on suspected crime figures,” Mr Chester said.

Crime Stoppers enables every person to contribute to public safety by anonymously calling the toll-free number 1800 333 000 or using their local Crime Stoppers website to report online any criminal or suspicious behaviour they have seen in their community.

CAPTION: Justice Minister Michael Keenan discusses the Coalition’s strategy on ice with Gippsland MP Darren Chester in Canberra. The Federal Government this week announced further measures targeted at tackling organised crime.


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