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March 26, 2014

 The Nationals Member for Gippsland Darren Chester has welcomed the Victorian Government’s announcement it will begin aerial baiting in East Gippsland in May as one of a suite of measures to control the wild dog menace.

Mr Chester has been an outspoken advocate for local farmers in their fight against wild dogs and has raised the matter in Federal Parliament on several occasions. 

“The previous Labor Government did not support the last application for aerial baiting, even though aerial baiting of wild dogs was occurring just across the border in New South Wales,” Mr Chester said. 


“It was a ridiculous situation and frustrated local farmers.

“I support the Victorian Government in its endeavours to address this problem. 

“The wild dog menace has obvious economic impacts on our agricultural production and on native fauna.  It also has social impacts: the deterioration of the mental health of farmers who have to deal with the problem on a daily basis is very significant.” 

Mr Chester said the Victorian Government had used the full range of options at their disposal to try and control wild dogs and he was pleased the Federal Government had approved the new application for aerial baiting.

The baiting program will commence in May this year, in conjunction with a fresh 1080 bait program.


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