Jun 24, 2024 | Latest News

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Reducing the cost of living pressures for regional students and improving access to a broader range of tertiary courses are two of the biggest issues facing the education sector, according to local MP Darren Chester.

In addition to representing his constituency as the Federal Member for Gippsland, Mr Chester also serves as the Shadow Minister for Regional Education.

As part of his commitment to understanding broader regional issues, Mr Chester visited Mildura to gain insights that will contribute to his policy work in addressing the challenges in the regional education sector.

Mr Chester said it was a valuable experience to accompany Federal Member for Mallee Anne Webster on visits to local schools, universities, and early learning centres.

“It allowed me to gain firsthand insights into the current education landscape in different regional areas, a crucial part of my role as we shape policies ahead of the next election,” he said.

“Regional Australia grows world-class food and fibre, and we also grow great kids. We need to keep investing in regional education for our youth to achieve their full potential as tradespeople, running their own business or farm, or undertaking tertiary studies.

“In government, we made access to university more affordable for students forced to move away from the regions. But in the wake of increased cost of living pressures, we need to go further and continue to implement policies that improve access to tertiary studies in our own communities and reduce the financial barriers for students who are forced to move away from home to access the course they require.”

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