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Locally made Four ‘n’ Twenty pies were the toast of Federal Parliament last week with a footy pie night hosted by Gippsland MP Darren Chester.

Mr Chester welcomed Sydney Swans coach John Longmire and his team to Parliament House for the Swans on the Hill event.

Mr Chester said the event gave MPs and staff on both sides of politics the opportunity to hear about the club’s plans for 2020 and into the future.

“AFL is ingrained in Australian culture and I was glad to offer an opportunity to discuss AFL and where it is headed in the future,” said Mr Chester.

“Nothing goes better with AFL than a pie and Patties Foods made sure we had plenty Four ‘n’ Twenty products to go around – a truly classic Aussie footy and pie night.”

“I wish John and his team a successful 2020 and look forward to the first bounce next year.”




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