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Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester says Gippsland motorists deserve price relief at the bowser during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Chester said coronavirus was having a significant impact on the Australian economy and the Federal Government was working with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to tackle the issue.

“With world oil prices plummeting to just over $20 per barrel, Gippsland motorists must receive the benefits of lower prices at the bowser,” Mr Chester said.

“I am pleased the ACCC has said fuel prices above 130 cents per litre were inappropriate and it is closely monitoring the situation.

“The Federal Government will continue to closely watch the actions of fuel retailers in regional areas and we encourage the community to name and shame retailers doing the wrong thing.

“Competition among outlets is important, particularly outside the major cities, but too often regional motorists bear the brunt of higher fuel prices.

“The government is very clear: retailers are expected to pass savings on immediately.

“Prices in Sale on Friday were 145.9 cents compared to 125.9 cents in Traralgon and 99.9 cents in Morwell.”

The Federal Government will ensure the ACCC continues to apply pressure to retailers to adjust prices at the bowser in line with movements in international oil prices.

The government has also called on petrol retailers to step up, be industry leaders and play their part in making sure regional Australia gets to the other side of the coronavirus pandemic in as good economic shape as possible.

Motorists can follow pricing apps and take advice from motoring bodies, like the RACV, for information on when and where to fill up for the best price.

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