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Gippsland MP Darren Chester has written to the State and Federal Goverments about the urgent need for upgrades along the Great Alpine Road.

Mr Chester, who has been very vocal about the poor road condition, said he was becoming increasingly concerned after driving the road recently.

“I have been expressing my concerns to the State and Federal governments for many months and I am worried about the risk of motorists using those roads especially as we approach peak ski season,” Mr Chester said.

“With a new Federal Government and ministry in place, it is important to raise my concerns again and make sure Gippsland roads are not forgotten about.

“The Great Alpine Road is an essential link for agricultural and tourism and sections of this road in my electorate are failing badly with the surface deteriorating and creating dangerous potholes and shoulders falling away.”

Mr Chester said the road was an ideal project for the Roads of Strategic Importance program.

“While the State Government owns the road and is responsible for its maintenance, the Federal Government can fast track the work now by funding it through the ROSI program,” Mr Chester said.

“This work needs to be made a priority and funded as soon as possible to reduce risk and the chance of road trauma for users.

“Fixing these issues now will improve safety for road users, but it is important we look at a long term strategy to ensure the Great Alpine Road is safe for years to come.”

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