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More than 3000 Gippslanders responded to my ‘Have Your Say’ survey which was distributed to all households across the electorate in June.

June 2013

The following is a summary of results:


Do you support the Labor Government’s carbon tax?
17% Yes
77% No

Do you think climate change:
35% Is mostly man-made
15% Is mostly natural
53% Doesn’t exist at all

Has the rising cost of living put greater pressure on your family budget in the past year?
83% Yes
15% No

Do you think that the Labor Government is doing enough to ease cost of living pressure?
13% Yes
77% No

Do you think the welfare system in Australia is too generous?
49% Yes
41% No

Should work for the dole be compulsory?
84% Yes
9% No

Is your mobile phone coverage adequate?
63% Yes
28% No

Is your current internet service adequate?
52% Yes
25% No

Are you prepared to pay more for your internet connection through the National Broadband Network (NBN)?
11% Yes
67% No

Do you think the Federal Government should help pay to fix mobile phone blackspots?
60% Yes
28% No

Should health and hospital funding be a higher priority for the Federal Government?
90% Yes
5% No

Do you support the Labor Government’s cuts to the Private Health Insurance Rebate?
16% Yes
67% No

How important do you think it is for increased funding of mental health services?
59% Very important
35% Somewhat important
3% Not important

Are you concerned by the number of unauthorised arrivals reaching Australian shores by boat and seeking asylum?
89% Yes
8% No

Do you support the Coalition’s policy to immediately give new orders to the Navy to tackle unauthorised arrivals and ‘turn back’ the boats where safe to do so?
80% Yes
14% No

Is Australia’s $5.7 billion per year foreign aid program too generous?
70% Yes
19% No

Do you think the economy is heading in the right direction?
14% Yes
76% No

Do you think that the Federal Government should be doing more to balance the Budget and start paying off its debt?
83% Yes
11% No

Do you support the current system of funding for public schools?
38% Yes
28%  No

Do you believe private schools should receive less government funding?
49% Yes
39% No

Generally, do you feel safe and secure in your neighbourhood?
76% Yes
20%  No

Which of the following crime prevention strategies do you support to improve community safety:
74% More police on the beat
74% Closed circuit television cameras in known problem areas
39% More use of community service orders to rehabilitate offenders
85% Higher penalties for repeat offenders (drink driving/speeding)
65% Intervention programs (to deter anti-social behaviour like graffiti)

Would you be willing to pay more tax to improve health and education services?
37% Yes
43% No

Would you pay more tax to cover the cost of a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?
55% Yes
29% No

Should the Federal Government do more to support pensioners and self-funded retirees to meet increases in the cost of living?
84% Yes
10% No

Do you think there should be more government focus on keeping older Australians in their homes longer as opposed to retirement villages or nursing homes?
85% Yes
8% No

Are you concerned that the major supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths have too much market dominance?
86% Yes
2% No

Do you believe that Australian farmers are receiving fair treatment from government?
12% Yes
78% No

Would you support more financial assistance to help Australian farmers remain viable?
80% Yes
11% No

Are you concerned about the amount of food imported to Australia from foreign countries?
96% Yes
3% No

Are you concerned about job security?
73% Yes
21% No

Would you like to see more government supported training programs to fill skills shortages?
84% Yes
8%  No

Do you think it is important to shop locally and support local jobs wherever possible
96% Yes
2% No

Are you concerned by the number of childcare options in regional areas?
31% Yes
26% No

Should the Federal Government increase the childcare rebate?
22% Yes
46% No

Do you believe the condition and level of maintenance of local roads is adequate?
19% Yes
76% No

Which section of the Princes Highway do you think is the most unsafe for road users?
10% Melbourne to Traralgon
34% Traralgon to Sale
30% Sale to Bairnsdale
19% Bairnsdale to Lakes Entrance
20% Lakes Entrance to Orbost
32% Orbost to Cann River
27% Cann River to New South Wales border

Do you support more government assistance for local environmental projects?
59% Yes
26% No

Are you concerned over the future health of the Gippsland Lakes?
69% Yes
18% No

Do you support Coal Seam Gas exploration and production provided thee are strict environmental regulations?
37% Yes
47% No

Do you support the current laws which allow duck hunting in Victoria after assessment of environmental factors including bird numbers?
60% Yes
30% No

Do you support euthanasia?
63% Yes
24% No

Do you support changing the Federal Marriage Act to allow same-sex marriage?
26% Yes
66% No

Do you support capital punishment for the most serious crimes such as murder, rape or acts of terrorism?
71% Yes
23% No

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