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More than 56,000 taxpayers in Gippsland will receive a tax benefit of up to $2745 this year.

Almost 11,000 people receiving JobSeeker received the coronavirus supplement to help them through the pandemic.

And over 23,000 aged pensioners and 2680 carers in the electorate received two $750 support payments and will get two more $250 payments in December and March.

Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester said this data released by the Federal Government provided an insight to the extent of the support provided to help Gippsland through the pandemic.

“One of the best ways to keep businesses afloat and people in jobs is to support our local businesses,” Mr Chester said. “And one of the most effective ways of helping the business sector is to put money into people’s pockets and help them to meet daily living costs.

“Australia was in good economic shape when the pandemic hit and we are pulling through better than most comparable countries. That has allowed us to spend money in the Budget to help people find jobs and help others keep their jobs – and that includes people in Gippsland.”

According to the government figures, 3,900 businesses across Gippsland accessed the JobKeeper payment to keep them connected to their employees, while 4300 small and medium-sized businesses received temporary cashflow boosts from the tax office.

Temporary tax incentives will allow 15,700 businesses in Gippsland to immediately write-off the full value of eligible assets they purchase.

Mr Chester said these measures, together with Federal Government spending on infrastructure projects and services in Gippsland, would provide a valuable injection of funding to further stimulate the region’s economy.

“Our region has endured several years of drought, the summer bushfires and the coronavirus pandemic. The financial impact of all of these events is still unfolding but we need to act quickly and decisively to try to limit the economic damage,” Mr Chester said.

“The Budget also confirmed more than $350 million in Federal Government spending for infrastructure. Projects of all sizes support local contractors and suppliers, who in turn support local jobs.

“A key to our region’s financial recovery will be getting this money into Gippsland’s economy and delivering these projects as quickly as possible.”

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