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Local MP Darren Chester says a multi-million dollar scheme to help irrigators in the Lindenow Valley to drought-proof their properties will support local jobs.

Guidelines for the Lindenow Valley Water Security Scheme are now available and applications to receive a share of the $10 million in Federal Government funding opened this morning.

Mr Chester said the scheme would provide matching funding for irrigators to undertake water infrastructure projects on their farms to counter the impact of drought.

“The money has been put up by the Federal Government, but is accessed through a fund administered by Rural Finance,” Mr Chester said.

“The scheme will support projects such as the construction of on-farm dams that allow farmers to take advantage of high spring river flows and store the water for use during the hot, dry months.

“The Lindenow Valley is a major producer of vegetables for Victoria and I am proud to help our farmers and our regional industries to grow and prosper.

“This area is home to seven of Australia’s top 10 salad producers and supplies major supermarkets across eastern Australia. It is a key employer and contributor to our region’s prosperity.

“This investment in water infrastructure will help increase agricultural productivity and support local jobs in the Lindenow Valley. By helping our farmers, we are supporting local jobs in associated industries and the prosperity of the wider region, and we are helping to protect our communities from the broader impact of drought.”

The Lindenow Valley Water Security Scheme provides up to 50 per cent, to a maximum of $2 million, to eligible irrigators for costs associated with the planning, design and construction of on-farm water storage, bore construction and the installation of water supply pipelines and pumping infrastructure to increase water security and improve resilience to drought.

The scheme is open to primary producers in the Lindenow Valley and its immediate surrounds. Funding may be sought for projects that began after April 10 last year when the scheme was announced.

Applications must be submitted before June 15, 2020. For details, visit https://www.ruralfinance.com.au/industry-programs/lindenow-valley-water-security-scheme





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