Apr 17, 2023 | Building Community Infrastructure, Latest News

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Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester (pictured) has welcomed the completion of Mallacoota’s new skate park.

“Mallacoota was the East Gippsland town most directly impacted by the Black Summer bushfires with more than 100 homes destroyed and the recovery has been long and challenging with plenty more still to be done,” Mr Chester said.

“One of the projects the local young people were keen to pursue was a new skate park. The old facility was pretty basic and quite dangerous.

“By working with the community, we were able to secure $600,000 funding through the publicly raised donations and now the new skate park is open. Judging by the number of locals and visitors enjoying the park this week it will be a popular addition to the seaside town.”

Mr Chester said all levels of government had provided more than $25 million to Mallacoota and Genoa district infrastructure projects.

“Whenever I visit Mallacoota, it’s terrific to see the wide range of projects we’ve been already able to deliver in partnership with locals but there’s a lot of houses which need to be rebuilt and several major projects are still on the books,” he said.

“Among the projects which are funded but waiting to begin are the CBD streetscape, Mud brick pavilion, community hall and the Mallacoota-Genoa Road upgrade.

“I will keep working with Mallacoota and District Recovery Association to identify funding opportunities in areas like housing, telecommunication improvements, bushfire hazard reduction, health and aged care, and economic development and I’m confident we are heading in the right direction.

“I remain positive, hopeful and optimistic about the future and determined to help the Mallacoota-Genoa district continue to recover with community-centred projects that will make a difference for local residents and visitors.”

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