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Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester has welcomed this morning’s announcement from the Victorian Nationals and Liberals that they would provide $13.4 million for the final phase of the MID2030 Macalister Irrigation Modernisation Project.

Mr Chester said the Federal Government had provided $20 million for phase 1B, the Southern Tinamba Pipeline upgrade, which was currently underway and he would support any application to the Federal Government for more funding to complete the next phase.

“The Macalister Irrigation District produces world-class dairy and other high-value produce and is a major job source for our region. The MID contributes an estimated $500 million to the Victorian economy,” Mr Chester said.

“Upgrades to the outdated channel system will protect the jobs we have, and improved efficiency and water savings will create opportunities for local businesses to further grow.

“The MID 2030 project underpins Gippsland’s economy and the project will help deliver a prosperous future for our region.”

Phase 1B Southern Tinamba pipeline project has been jointly funded by irrigators and the Federal and State Governments, with each contributing one third of the $60 million total. Phase 1B is expected to save an additional 9,700 ML of water by reducing losses.

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