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August 19, 2016

The Macalister Customer Consultative Committee (MCCC) will be represented at a Victorian dairy symposium to find solutions to the challenges facing the Australian dairy industry.

Mr Chester said it was important decision-makers heard first-hand about the issues affecting farmers and what governments can do to best support them during this period.

“It’s vital that our region has representation at this symposium to work with government and industry to design long-term solutions that will help our dairy sector prosper into the future,” he said.

The symposium has been organised by Barnaby Joyce, Minister for Agriculture and Water Security.  It will bring senior industry representatives, processors and retailers together to discuss what more can be done to ensure a healthy and viable future for dairy farmers and the industry.

The aim of the symposium is to develop industry-led solutions to improve transparency of milk price arrangements and increase farm gate profitability.

In addition to a forum held in Maffra in May, Mr Chester recently met again with dairy farmers to receive first-hand reports on the current challenges facing producers, their families, and employees.

Mr Chester said it was a productive meeting and reiterated the need for immediate assistance for farmers to pay bills and retain experienced on-farm workers.

Mr Joyce and Prime Minister Turnbull met with Murray Goulburn’s board and chief executive this week, and will meet with Fonterra management.

ACCC and ASIC investigations into the milk price write downs are ongoing and reports will be provided publicly soon.

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