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Every year, approximately 10,000 Australians lose a limb as a result of diabetes, cancer, trauma or infection.

October 4-11 is National Amputee Awareness Week and Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester is encouraging everyone to take some time to learn more about amputees and the challenges they face.

“Losing a limb can be quite an isolating experience and it is important that we show amputees they aren’t alone and that support is available to them,” Mr Chester said.

“National Amputee Awareness Week provides an opportunity for amputees to share their story and advocate for more support.

“The week is also about showcasing the work of organisations such as Limbs 4 Life and the services they provide to amputees and their carers.

“Limbs 4 Life assists amputees in navigating the support and services they may need throughout their journey and has some great resources for both amputees and their families and friends.”

Lakes Entrance local Bianca Bassett who lost her leg above the knee after becoming ill three years ago, credits a yearly conference by Limbs 4 Life as a great way to learn and hear about new technologies and updates in the prosthetics and amputee space.

“They host a conference every year which gives all amputees the opportunity to learn about new technologies, share experiences and be encouraged by other amputees who understand what each of us goes through every day,” Mrs Bassett said.

Mrs Bassett has also received significant support from the Prosthetic Clinic at Latrobe Regional Health Service which is in the only prosthetic service in Gippsland.

‘We are incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful service in Gippsland,” Mrs Bassett said.

“All too often, the only place you could get specialised treatment has been Melbourne. It’s great to see our regional hospitals expanding their services to provide to the needs of our community.”

Mr Chester said people could find out more about how to get involved in National Amputee Awareness Week by visiting https://www.limbs4life.org.au/news-events/events/national-amputee-awareness-week.


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