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March 2, 2015

Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester has met with Patties Foods senior executives in Canberra and expressed his ongoing support for the world-class food production company, based in Bairnsdale.

Mr Chester today met with Patties Chairman Mark Smith and Managing Director Steven Chaur to discuss the company’s response to the imported berry issue. He also helped to arrange meetings for the Patties Foods executives with senior Cabinet Ministers as the government prepares to draft changes to food labelling laws.

“Patties is a great Australian company and I’ve been personally disappointed to see its reputation tarnished with some of the more exaggerated claims in the media over recent weeks,” Mr Chester said.

“Once the dust settles, I’m committed to working with Patties management and its local staff to get the best possible outcome for our region and our nation. That means a successful Patties Foods continuing to trade profitably with a range of excellent products in the market place.”

Speaking in Parliament last week, Mr Chester produced a packet of Four n Twenty pies at the dispatch box and urged Australians to sample some of the Australian made pastry products.

“I enjoyed a Four n Twenty pie for breakfast today, as members can tell from the pie missing from this pack!” Mr Chester told the Parliament on February 26.

“I join my state colleague, Tim Bull…to support the pastry products that are made in Bairnsdale.

“I urge the Australian community to host their own family pie night and support Australian jobs. We do not want to make a bad situation any worse.”

The speech in parliament drew a large response on social media. One person posting to Mr Chester’s Facebook page said: “I will definitely be having a Patties Pie night to show our support to the company that supported us through employment for 20-odd years”.

Pictured: Left to right, Steven Chaur, Darren Chester and Mark Smith with the packet of Four n Twenty pies which made it into Federal Parliament last week as the Gippsland MP extolled the virtues of the local food production company.

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