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Gippsland pensioners and allowance recipients will receive an increase to their payments from September 20.

The Nationals Member for Gippsland Darren Chester said pension payments including Age Pension and Disability Support Pension will rise by $8.70 a fortnight to $916.30 for singles and $13.20 a fortnight to $1,381.40 for couples combined.

“There will also be higher limits to the income and assets test for age pensioners before their payments are affected,” Mr Chester said.

Rent Assistance rates will also increase from September 20.

Mr Chester said pensions had increased by $107.90 per fortnight for singles and by $162.60 per fortnight for couples combined since the Coalition was elected to government.

From September 20, there will also be payment increases to assist locals looking for work on a Newstart Allowance and Parenting Payment Single recipients.

Mr Chester said pension and allowance rates were indexed twice a year to help keep up with increases in living costs.

Pension rates are linked to prices and wages, while allowance rates are linked to the Consumer Price Index.

Full details of new rates and thresholds are available at https://www.dss.gov.au/benefits-payments/indexation-rates-september-2018

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