Mar 27, 2024 | Latest News

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Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester has challenged the Prime Minister to release the economic modelling in relation to a plan that will increase the cost of Australia’s biggest-selling vehicles by more than $10,000.

Speaking in Federal Parliament this week, Mr Chester said he had been approached by Gippsland car dealers who were concerned about the price impacts of Labor’s plans to introduce new fuel efficiency standards in Australia.

“Australians should have the right to know what the impacts will be from Labor’s plan to introduce a new tax on family cars and utes,” Mr Chester told Parliament.

“In the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, why do the Prime Minister and his cabinet colleagues think it’s a good idea to increase the prices of our highest selling vehicles?

“Families who are struggling with the increased cost of living don’t like this policy and they don’t like the extreme direction the minister is taking our nation in.

“I am concerned that the Prime Minister and the minister are simply hiding the truth from the Australian people, from the Australian motoring community, when it comes to this policy.”

Mr Chester said the failure to release economic modelling had led to car dealerships and motoring associations preparing their own price estimates.

“Anthony, a multigeneration car dealer in my electorate explained to me that some of the most popular Toyotas that he sells through his dealership will cost customers more than $10,000 extra under this disastrous plan by the Minister,” Mr Chester said.

“The impacts will be seen across the board effecting tradespeople, farmers, small business owners and of course, the everyday Australian families living in regional communities who rely on SUVs and larger vehicles.”

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