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Since the establishment of the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, renewable energy has become much more competitive.

We have seen unprecedented growth in rooftop solar installations, driven by improvements in technology and high energy prices.

The government is committed to SRES until 2030, and the gradual, legislated phase out between now and then.

Our priority is reducing power prices while keeping the lights on.  During six years of Labor, power prices more than doubled.

We understand rising power prices are impacting Australian farmers, families and household budgets.  We also understand rising power prices are preventing small businesses from employing more people,
investing in their business to grow and expand.

Power prices have turned the corner. We have already seen electricity prices come down in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia on July 1, 2018.

We’ve started work, prices are improving, but we owe it to Australians to deliver more. That is why we are taking practical action to lower power prices by:

•             stopping the price gouging by big energy companies,
•             banning the sneaky late payment penalties and providing customers with a price safety net, and
•             backing investment in fair dinkum, reliable generation.

The big energy companies are now on notice. The electricity sector needs to re-establish its credibility and trust with the community, and the Morrison Government will ensure the interests of customers come first.

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