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June 28, 2011

Upgrades to the only regional sporting facility in Rosedale are on the government’s agenda with an application seeking $500,000 to upgrade the Rosedale Recreation Reserve currently in the hands of the Minister for Regional Development.

The application, which identifies improvements to amenities at the facility to encourage more events to be held in Rosedale, has the full support of The Nationals Member for Gippsland Darren Chester.

Mr Chester has inspected the Rosedale Recreation Reserve to go through the redevelopment plans for the site with Rosedale Football Club President Mark Power, Rosedale-Kilmany Cricket Club President, Rohan Mayne and Rosedale Recreation Reserve President, Paul McDonough.

The redevelopment project will cost $730,000 with strong support coming from the Rosedale Recreation Reserve Committee of Management which has contributed $50,000 and Wellington Shire Council committing $180,000.

Mr Chester said local sporting and community organisations would benefit if the application to the Regional Development Australia Fund (RDAF) put forward by Wellington Shire Council was successful.

“The Rosedale Recreation Reserve is an important facility for the local community and the redevelopment of the facility would provide safe and modern amenities for all existing users,” Mr Chester said.

“It has the potential to enhance participation in junior sport and would help to encourage more events to be in Rosedale and provide an economic boost the community.

“It would also see local contractors sought to complete the works, creating additional employment opportunities within the community during the redevelopment phase.”

Mr Chester said he would continue to work with Wellington Shire Council, which has identified the project as a priority, and the Rosedale Recreation Reserve Committee of Management to highlight the value of the redevelopment to the Minister.

“I have already indicated my support for the project to the Minister and will continue to work with both organisations to highlight its importance and value to the Rosedale community,” Mr Chester said.

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