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December 9, 2008

If computers are the way of the future, St Michael’s Primary School in Traralgon is now a click ahead.

The Nationals Member for Gippsland Darren Chester went back to school yesterday, joining St Michael’s students as they tried out the latest computer additions.

St Michael’s received $70,000 from the Federal Government to purchase new computers, lap tops and two data projectors.

“The school now has 32 new computers, which means more time on line for students and allows them better access to the school’s computer programs.”

The school has also purchased a lap top for each classroom and two new data projectors.

“With such a focus being placed on information technology, it is important that students can learn comprehensive computer skills and be comfortable working with other equipment such as data projectors,” Mr Chester said.

The funding for the computers was provided under the former Coalition Government’s Investing in Our Schools program.

School Principal Richard Wans said the new computers would enhance learning opportunities.

“As a school we are grateful for the support to develop the school’s capacity to access information and communications technology,” he said.

“ICT in the contemporary learning environment is a vital tool to ensure that our children can continue to access information and develop skills, enhancing their ability to become ‘enquirers,’ and to find out about the world around them.”


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