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November 5, 5009

There’s relief for Telstra customers across Gippsland with news that Telstra will dump its $2.20 fee to pay bills by cash at Australia post or by mail.

The Nationals Member for Gippsland Darren Chester has extensively lobbied Telstra’s Chief Executive Officer David Thodey to have the charge overturned.

Mr  Chester recently met with Mr Thodey to press the case and also called for Federal Government intervention.

He said the $2.20 fee had angered residents across Gippsland and many had contacted him to express their frustration.

“The charge was mean spirited and showed no respect for the loyal customers who have supported Telstra over many years,” Mr Chester said.

“Thankfully the charges have now been dropped and all current customers will be reimbursed for any administration fees paid since they were introduced.”

Mr Chester commended Telstra’s CEO for listening to his customers and shareholders.

“I am sure Telstra customers across Gippsland will be pleasantly surprised by this announcement and grateful for the approach taken by Mr Thodey,” Mr Chester said.

“Many people are not comfortable using new technology to conduct their financial affairs – they either don’t trust the system or lack the necessary skills to use new technology.

“In some areas of Gippsland, residents simply do not have access to the broadband services required.”

Mr Chester said Telstra had “come to its senses” and described the announcement as a win for “people power”.

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