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July 11, 2011

The future of the timber industry in Gippsland was the main talking point when Local Government representatives from across the region spent time discussing issues with Federal Parliamentarians in Canberra.

The Nationals Member for Gippsland Darren Chester said one of the main points highlighted during the meetings was the need for upgrades of the transport network for timber industry operators.

Mr Chester said there needs to be a greater focus on upgrading roads and bridges throughout the transport network to accommodate for the ongoing needs of the timber industry.

“The timber industry is vital to the Gippsland region but there is a growing need for more maintenance on roads which lead to and from logging areas. There are also several bridges which need repairs or upgrades to cope with heavy vehicle traffic,” Mr Chester said.

Mr Chester said he would continue to support the local timber industry in conjunction with his State Parliamentary colleagues.

“It’s important that sustainable harvesting of native timber in Victoria continues because the industry is critical to several Gippsland communities,” Mr Chester said.

“Towns like Orbost, Bairnsdale, Swifts Creek, Nowa Nowa and Cann River have a strong dependence on the timber industry and have invested heavily in the future of the region.

“Along with my State Parliamentary colleagues I will continue fighting for the future of the native hardwood timber industry throughout Gippsland.”

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