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December 20, 2010

Students from Toorloo Arm Primary School ventured to the nation’s capital before the end of the school year and experienced one of the last sitting weeks of Federal Parliamentary for 2010.

The students also had the opportunity to put the pressure on local Federal MP Darren Chester through their own version of question time when he met with the group.

Mr Chester said the students were an excellent group to speak with and they asked many questions ranging from how the Parliamentary system operates to whether he had met the Prime Minister.

“It is always a lot of fun to catch up with local schools and be quizzed on the lifestyle of a politician,” Mr Chester said.

“It’s important that our young people are educated with an understanding of our nation’s Parliamentary process and I try to catch up with as many local schools as I can both during sitting weeks and throughout the school year.

“We have some very intelligent young students in Gippsland and answering their questions can sometimes be more difficult than holding the government to account.

“The group from Toorloo Arm Primary School were very well behaved and a credit to their families and their school. I hope that they all have a safe and happy school holidays.”

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