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June 21, 2013

Nambrok-Denison Primary School students have shown off their woodwork skills to The Nationals Member for Gippsland Darren Chester.

Mr Chester visited the students during their woodworking class at the Gippsland Woodcraft Group where members have been assisting grade five and six students to create small projects for the past four years.

The group is currently constructing small bird feeders.

Mr Chester said it was great to see members of the local community working with young people to teach them new skills.

“It’s important that we continue to provide practical skills and a range of pursuits for students to explore throughout their schooling lives,” Mr Chester said.

“I commend the members of the Gippsland Woodcraft Group for donating their time to help develop the skills of our future generations.”

Secretary of the Gippsland Woodcraft Group Beth Boyce said the members enjoyed the interaction.

“We have been in this area for many years and if we can give back to the community by helping these kids, then that’s a good thing,” Mrs Boyce said.

Nambrok-Denison Primary School chaplain Brian Heath said Gippsland Woodcraft Group members provide first class tutoring in the basics of woodwork and woodturning to the students.

“Volunteers from the group have been excellent teachers and mentors to the children and it has been the highlight of the week for all of those involved,” Mr Heath said.

“The program has been developed as part of the school’s chaplaincy program and our school community is very thankful to the Gippsland Woodcraft Group for their amazing commitment to the education and wellbeing of our children.”

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