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Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester (left) with Abi Wills and Matt Kennedy from Envite Environment at Nowa Nowa where a rare species of callistemon is being mapped and protected.

The Boggy Creek Bottlebrush is a rare species found on rock-bars in a limited area of East Gippsland and is threatened by invasive species and bushfires.

The team at Envite Environment is doing some great work to collect seeds and propagate a ‘rescue’ population of plants.

“It’s rewarding work to save a rare species from extinction and Envite has other exciting projects across bushfire-impacted parts of East Gippsland, in partnership with the Federal Government,” Mr Chester said.

“I often say we need ‘more boots and less suits’: that means more people on the ground undertaking practical environmental work in our community, and less people in offices making excuses.

“Envite Environment has a base in Bairnsdale and is assisting locals to undertake natural resource management training and secure meaningful employment. Part of the Workways organisation, Envite is making a difference as our community continues the social, economic and environmental recovery from the Black Summer bushfires.”

With the support of La Trobe University geneticists, this project will inform local recovery efforts by recommending actions that increase the Boggy Creek Bottlebrush’s chances at long-term survival through genetic diversification. Populations of some species will be planted in the community to serve as seed sources and ‘insurance’ populations in case of future environmental catastrophes.

This project has been funded by the Landcare Australia-led Bushfire Recovery Grant programs, a component of the Australian Government’s Bushfire Recovery Program for Wildlife and their Habitat. Additional support has come from the Victorian Government through the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s Community Volunteer Action Grants Program.

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