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October 15, 2008

Gippslanders who receive a cash bonus under the government’s economic stimulus package are being urged to spend the money in local shops by The Nationals MP Darren Chester.

The Member for Gippsland is planning a pre-Christmas advertising campaign, urging Gippslanders to put locals first.

“Putting locals first means making a decision to support local traders whenever possible,” Mr Chester said.

“There will be several thousand Gippslanders who receive a payment in the order of $1000 in the lead-up to Christmas and if they are intending to spend the money, I urge them to shop locally or take a family holiday in our region.

“Every dollar we spend in Gippsland helps to create a job for local people and these one-off bonus payments are an opportunity to boost the local economy.”

Mr Chester said he would promote the ‘Putting Locals First’ message with an advertising campaign in November, leading up to the distribution of the bonus payments in December.

Under the economic stimulus package, single aged pensioners will receive $1400 while couples will receive $2100. Families receiving the Family Tax Benefit A will receive $1000 per child and carers will be eligible for $1000 for each person in their care.

“I understand that some of the money will naturally go in bills and essential expenses but if people are in a financial position to purchase other items, it will certainly help our region if they support local traders as much as possible,” Mr Chester said.

“I urge everyone to buy their Christmas presents from local shops and if they are planning a holiday, why not explore some of the great attractions in our region this summer.”

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